Hunsicker Consulting

A graduate of University of Texas at El Paso, Rick Hunsicker founded Hunsicker & Hunsicker, Inc. Realtors in 1977. This office grew to become the third largest real estate office in El Paso. In 1985, Rick sold Hunsicker & Hunsicker and moved to Dallas where he entered the senior living industry while also attending courses at the University of North Texas Center for Studies in Aging. Seeing the need to assist seniors in the process of moving out of their homes, Rick founded The Retirement Housing Transition Program for Equitable Relocation, which was purchased by Travelers Relocation. This program grew to include multiple senior living community clients, Trammel Crow being the first. In 1988, Rick was recruited by Forum Group out of Indianapolis to become the Regional Director of Sales for Texas and New Mexico. He subsequently provided regional support for up to 15 of Forum’s full service rental retirement communities.

In 2001, Rick was recruited by Greystone Communities to become the Vice President and Corporate Vice President of Marketing. Rick brought many of the systems Greystone uses today to the company, including the lead management system and training programs. Rick also supported the Greystone Regional Managers of Marketing in both pre-development and operational stages.

In April of 2007, Rick founded Hunsicker Consulting to continue to provide sales, marketing, and customer service support for the senior living industry. His wealth of experience and capability in implementing sales tactics has been utilized in numerous communities across the nation. Because of Rick Hunsicker, senior living communities can increase revenue and enhance employee performance to reach financial goals and maximize occupancy; thus, Rick has been an irreplaceable asset to the Pivot team.

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